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Cambio ai vertici di Skype


Dal prossimo 24 Marzo Josh Silverman sarà in nuovo CEO di Skype.

In un post di presentazione Silverman sottolinea l’importanza che ha avuto Skype negli ultimi anni definendolo come una delle tecnologie più diffuse al mondo:”Skype is one of the defining internet technologies of our era. It’s helping people all over the planet connect with each other like never before. It’s changing the world. You don’t look forward to something like that.”

L’obiettivo principale del nuovo CEO è la crescita di Skype e della propria community e per raggiungerlo ha intenzione di approfondire la propria conoscenza sulle tecnologie che ruotano intorno al servizio:”To really understand Skype’s cultural and technological DNA, my number one priority is to do a lot of listening and learning. With my wife and kids about to begin their adventure in Estonia as well, I have all the support I could ever need. I want to know everything about the technology, the team and the community. And I hope to share some of my observations on this very blog and see what you think, too.”