Yoostar 2: svelate tutte le scene dei film da interpretare su Xbox 360 e PS3

Yoostar Entertainment Group svela le scene delle pellicole presenti in Yoostar 2
Yoostar Entertainment Group svela le scene delle pellicole presenti in Yoostar 2

Yoostar Entertainment Group ha reso noto, per mezzo di un comunicato giunto in redazione, l’elenco completo delle scene tratte da film celebri che sarà possibile interpretate in Yoostar 2. Il party game, in arrivo su Xbox 360 e PlayStation 3, sarà disponibile nel nostro paese a partire dal 10 marzo e farà uso rispettivamente del motion controller Kinect oppure della telecamera PlayStation Eye, a secondo della versione.

  • 300 (“This is Sparta! & Tonight we dine in hell!”);
  • Along Came Polly (“Me no estas too good”);
  • American Pie (“Stifler’s mom”);
  • Angels and Demons (“A Vatican jet is standing by”);
  • Animal House (“You’re expelled!”);
  • Apollo 13 (“Houston, we have a problem”);
  • Baby Mama (“Here come yo’ baby mama”);
  • Beverly Hills Cop (“Herpes simplex 10”);
  • Blazing Saddles (“I was born here, and I was raised here”);
  • The Blues Brothers (“It’s 106 miles to Chicago”);
  • Casablanca (“Here’s looking at you, kid”);
  • Coming to America (“I want to tear you apart”);
  • CSI (“Miami Season 3 (“Gator bait!”);
  • Employee of the Month (“Call an emergency staff meeting!”);
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”);
  • Forest Gump (“It’s a household name”);
  • Frankenstein (“It’s Alive!”);
  • Godfather (“An offer he can’t refuse”);
  • Grease (“What’s the matter – you afraid?”);
  • The Hangover (“One-man wolf pack. & Oh, Lord – it’s Mike Tyson”);
  • The Italian Job (“I’m Handsome Rob”);
  • Karate Kid (“Wax on, wax off”);
  • Kick Ass (“You lookin’ at me? & Nobody’s tried to be a superhero?”);
  • Kindergarten Cop (“It’s not a tumor!”);
  • Mad Men Season 1 (“Enjoying the company of women.”);
  • Meet the Fockers (“Look at this! & That weird shrine thing.”);
  • Meet the Parents (“Can you deal with that!”);
  • The Mummy (“Protect and watch over me”);
  • Norbit (“I haven’t touched your seat”);
  • The Nutty Professor (“Dinner with the Klumps”);
  • The Princess Bride (“Tale of the 6-fingered man”);
  • Rocky (“What about my prime, Mick?”);
  • Rocky Balboa (“People see me, and they think of you”);
  • Shaun Of The Dead (“Zombie Soundtrack”);
  • Slap Shot (“The finer points of hockey”);
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles (“Jared meets Thimbletack”);
  • Stark Trek (“The Next Generation Season 3 (“Locutus of Borg (“Resistance is futile”);
  • Star Trek (“The Original Series Season 2 (“What killed these tribbles?”);
  • Superman Returns (” Superman saves an airplane”);
  • The Terminator (“I’ll be back”);
  • Tropic Thunder (“Agent Pecker on the line. & A sweet, cuddly, vicious little panda!”);
  • Up in Smoke (“Anybody got any coffee?”);
  • The Wizard of Oz (“Dorothy meets the Scarecrow”);
  • Zoolander (“Earth to Matilda! & I’m not a gymnast, Maury!”).

Ed ecco l’elenco dei set di Hollywood presenti in Yoostar 2:

  • Clash of the Titans “Defeat the Kraken!”;
  • Gladiator “A gladiator before the cheering masses”;
  • I Am Legend “I can save you!”;
  • King Kong “The wrath of Kong”;
  • The Matrix “The One commands “The Matrix”;
  • The Matrix Revolutions “Outmaneuver the Sentinel army”;
  • Men in Black “Confront the Bug”;
  • Scarface “Say hello to my little friend”;
  • Stark Trek “The Next Generation: Enterprise-D bridge”;
  • Top Gun “Flight Simulator”.

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